About Us

KASKADA has a global presence in four main  activities : production, distribution, polymer recycling and transport.

The production plant is located in Bulgaria (Industrial Zone, Tsaratsovo), while warehousing premises are strategically located both in the main base in the region of Plovdiv and in the region of the port of Burgas (Bulgaria), Thessaloniki and Piraeus (Greece).

What we do

Based on the many years  experience in the field of prime and recycled polymers, KASKADA Ltd. has developed its own recipe for a polymer compound to be used for the production of a  drip tape irrigation pipe. This allows KASKADA Ltd. to apply an innovative process in the production of drip tape irrigation pipes.

Our responsibility

• High level of product quality / High quality of the final product
• High quality raw materials
• Close and lasting cooperation with our customers and partners
• A team of professionals
• Preservation of natural resources